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​Self Service Laundromat in Davis

Lava Laundry has a beautiful laundromat in Davis, California that is always sparkling clean! Our lavanderia in Davis, CA are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the last wash at 8:30 p.m.  We are also self-service card laundromats. You can use coins or credit cards and debit cards at our locations.

Lava Laundry locations have Dexter, Maytag, and Speed Queen washing machines in sizes from 20 pounds all the way up to 60 pounds. These Super Giant machines are large enough to launder your entire week's clothing for your entire family! We also have two sizes in dryers--the normal 30-pound dryers and four 50-pound dryers.

Exclusively at our Davis, CA location, we have a very unique transfer service. This allows you to put your clothes in the washing machines and tell our attendant that you are leaving. The attendant will put your clothes in our dryers when your clothing is finished washing. We'll even call or text you when your laundry is complete! You can put your clothes in the washer and go shopping or out to eat while they are washing and drying! This transfer service is only $2.00!

Our immaculate lavanderias also provide wash and fold laundry service as well as pickup and delivery service. No matter how you want your laundry done, we aim to please!