Premier ​Laundromats & Laundry Services in Davis and Tracy California

Lava Laundry provides award winning laundry services throughout the Northern California region.  Our coin operated laundromats provide a vibrant and entertaining laundry experience in a great atmosphere.  We want our customers to enjoy their time at our LAVAnderias!

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Our Laundromat Has You Covered


Self Service Laundromat

We have lots of washing machines to choose from!


Pick-Up and Delivery

From your door to our store! This is the easiest way to do laundry.

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Fluff and Fold

Just drop off your dirty clothes and we will wash and fold them for you.

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Commercial Laundry

If your business generates laundry, we will do it for you!


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There is a $25 minimum order plus $6 delivery If pick up and delivery 
Drop a Load
Per Bag

**Fill up a bag for a flat $35

A Little About Us

We strive to make Lava Laundry immaculate and safe. The atmosphere at our laundromat is high energy with music playing and TVs streaming throughout the facilities. As the owners, we keep our machines working consistently and always have an attendants on duty or nearby to assist you.

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