‚ÄčAbout Lava Laundry

We are two friends that decided to get into the laundromat business together. We purchased our first laundromat in 2018 and have since opened three more. The Lava Laundry in Davis is our newest facility. We got into this business because we saw a need. Laundromats had not kept up with the times. They were not modernized. Many were rundown with old equipment and bad lighting. They were not fully attended, thus were dirty. We believe that a self-serve laundromat should be clean, safe, and attended. It should offer customers their choice of services such as doing it themselves, drop off service, or pickup and delivery service. Times are changing. People are working more hours and find it difficult to get everything done. We want to make it easier for people to off-load this chore. So enjoy laundry day in our wonderful facility or by giving your dirty clothes to us to do for you!