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Laundry Mistakes to Avoid

February 12, 2021


You’ve been doing laundry for so long that it seems like you can do it in your sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. Another load is done. Even though you have lots of practice, you still might be making mistakes. Don’t feel bad. Most people make these common laundry mistakes, and fortunately, they are easy to fix. Check out some common mistakes and how you can avoid them the next time you visit a Woodland, CA, laundromat. 

Using Too Much Detergent

If you walk around a laundromat in Yolo County, you’ll notice that lots of people go wild with the detergent. That’s the best way to make sure laundry gets clean, right?


When you use lots of detergent, excess suds can trap dirt and then get stuck under shirt collars and other hard-to-rinse areas. That dirt can cause bacteria, leaving your laundry anything but clean. Cut down on your detergent usage, so your clothes will be clean when the load finishes. 

Leaving Zippers Unzipped

When you take off a pair of jeans, you pull down the zipper first. Then, you probably throw the jeans in the hamper as is. Eventually, those jeans make it into the washing machine with the zipper still down. The loose zipper can damage the other clothes in the washing machine, so zip all your pants before washing them at a Woodland, CA, laundromat.

Leaving Shirts Buttoned

Do you spend a few minutes buttoning shirts before you throw them in the washing machine? There’s no need to do that, and it can damage the shirts. When the buttons are fastened, they can pop off during the washing cycle. Keep your shirts unbuttoned for better results.

Mindlessly Throwing Socks into the Washing Machine

Have you noticed how you always seem to end up losing a sock when doing laundry? Your washing machine and dryer aren’t eating your socks. It’s more likely that your socks are attaching to garments and then falling off when you leave the laundromat. Avoid this problem by putting your socks in the washing machine first. Then, put the rest of the clothes in on top of them. When you move the clothing from the washing machine to the dryer, your socks will still be at the bottom. 

Going Wild When Rubbing Stains

Stains are an unfortunate part of life. You likely have some stained clothing in your laundry basket right now, waiting for you take action. You’ve just about given up because every time you fight a stain, you seem to make it worse. That’s because you rub stains too hard. Vigorous rubbing can cause the stain to spread and can even harm the fabric. Dab the stain with a white cloth. Also, work from the outside in so the stain doesn’t spread. 

Enjoy Clean Clothing by Following These Tips

Use these tips the next time you visit Lava Laundry in Woodland County, CA. You’ll have cleaner clothes and fewer headaches, so the laundry experience will be much more enjoyable. Plus, you might impress some other customers with your laundry know-how. 


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