Lava Laundry – Member of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce

February 12, 2021

Cheers Cropped

Lava Laundry became a member of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce this year! We are extremely excited to be a part of such a fabulous community. The Woodland Chamber does a great job supporting local business in Woodland, CA. They provide services, promotion, events, and education to owners and operators that help keep their business current, profitable, and the best possible. 

Lava Laundry feels proud to be a member of such a great organization and community. Lava Laundry is looking to connect with Chamber Members and other businesses in the community to help them with their laundry needs. 

Our Moto, never do your own laundry again! we take to heart. We eventually want to live in a world where you can drop off your laundry on your front door step in the evening and have it washed, dried,  folded, and dropped back at your door step the next morning. For now, Lava Laundry, accepts all types of drop off laundry service. We service personal laundry loads. These are the types of loads that help working moms and dads stay on top of everything that they have to do. Why worry about laundry when we will do it for you! We also service local businesses that want to outsource their laundry needs. Whether you’re a big business or small we have the service and systems in place to help you. 

The connection with the Woodland Chamber of Commerce is vital to our growth as a full service laundry company. 

You can find our listing on the Chamber website:

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