The Lava Laundry Blog

Many businesses generate dirty laundry. It is difficult for them to find the time during their workday to launder these dirty clothes. If an employee leaves the premises to do laundry, his work isn't getting done. That's where Lava Laundry comes in. We will pick up and deliver your company's laundry and we know how to wash and fold clothes so they are clean and sanitary!

Lava Laundry has been doing commercial laundry since its inception. Our newest client is a dentist whose office is near the U.C. Davis Medical Center. We pickup and deliver to this dentist. We launder the office uniforms, towels, blankets, and scrubs. We fold and/or hang up all of their laundry.

Although many businesses use our services, we have found that we are getting many medical offices using our commercial laundry, perhaps because we have a medical school and doctors offices nearby. We make service to our commercial clients easy with pickup and delivery service!

If you own a business and need commercial laundry service with pickup, give us a call! It's our specialty.

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